Welcome to Sofee - Coffee for the Curious.

This is not your average cup (or can, rather) of Joe. This is Sofee. A lightly carbonated, slightly sweet, most definitely caffeinated coffee drink.

It finds its curious origins back in 2015 when I pondered combining my two passions – home-brewing beer and roasting coffee beans. I figured there was an intersection between the two, so I kegged some cold brew with a bit of sweetener, and skipped the fermentation. Voila! Sofee was  born.

Enjoy it by itself, over ice, or in a cocktail (hint: it plays well with mescal and whisky).

Curious yet?







Cold Brew Coffee

Rich and smooth, rounded out with chicory


Agave Nectar

The same 'blue' variety from which tequila is distilled


Monk Fruit

An Asian melon that's naturally sweet and calorie free


Pure Extracts

Because variety is the spice of life



Not the kind that almost got Charlie and Grandpa Joe minced, but close