The Purist


Simple yet sophisticated, The Purist evokes great satisfaction from very little. Far from boring, the  coffee-forward flavor is laced with subtle threads of caramel, leaving  you curiously yearning for more.

The Masochist


Pain. Pleasure. It’s a fine line for The Masochist.  Explore your threshold with our most strongly caffeinated drink.  Consume with a hefty dose of curiosity – and a sip of caution. Or not.

The Hedonist


Driven by pleasure above all, The Hedonist is a revelry of refined flavors. Coffee, orange and chocolate brazenly  coexist for the sole purpose of your enjoyment. Drink with curious  abandon.

The Escapist

With a flair for the exotic, The Escapist brings a taste of adventure wherever it goes. Accentuated with cinnamon and pepper, the sweet heat of this modern Mexican Chocolate will linger long after it’s gone. 

The Nihilist

If asked, The Nihilist will tell you nothing really exists, which in this case is almost accurate. Though The Nihilist has zero sugar and zero carbs, it does in fact have a very meaningful flavor whose existence cannot be denied. 

The Alchemist

Some call it magic. Others, liquid gold. Whatever you call it, The Alchemist deftly mixes creamy, non-dairy oat milk with cold-brew coffee to create an elixir so divine it can hardly be deemed a mere latte. 


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